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Having over two decades of experience, Fidler Consulting specializes in the electronic publishing arena, offering clients end-to-end development of a web presence that will complement existing print products.

fc publishing in web 2.0, mobile computing, and beyond

Fidler consulting is expanding services into the mobile market. Our initial services in the mobile market are surrounding data security for the iPhone.

Fidler consulting will help your business maintain and ensure your employees data activity conforms to your company standards in a meaningful manner.
Fidler consulting will set up each of your iPhone devices to securely retain any data stored on the device. This includes any content that is deleted by the user or marked for deletion by the user.

If the iPhone device user deletes contacts from the address book, text messages, or other information on the device, all the deletions data alterations are executed on the iPhone itself. All versions of the deleted material or change material are accessible by your company through a data extraction tool without the need to physically possess the iPhone at the time of extraction.

To complete this service Fidler consulting will train your staff on how to extract the data desired and how to convert the data stored into meaningful content.
We will enable your iPhone devices with this service in an Apple supported, unjailbroken environment. Please contact Jim Fidler at 609-918-1539 for more details or a free quote for your iPhone devices.

Fidler Consulting focuses on both front-end web site development and design, and back-end content migration and management for directories, buyer’s guides, surveys, magazines, and newsletters. We are customer-focused, creating custom solutions that fit your exact specifications, and doing so quickly, efficiently, and at a price that’s right. We approach each project by offering the right business decision for your project, then apply the technical solution that will achieve your goal.

  • "As a consultant our website is key to business development and Jim has been a continual source of excellent advice and support. I greatly appreciate his expertise and his professionalism. When I need answers, Jim has them and provides context necessary to make a good decision. I highly recommend Jim and will continue to rely on him for IT support." - Judy Luther More …
  • “Have used Jim's services more or less continually since 1997. Wouldn't work with anyone else. Jim consistently delivers a stellar work product while managing to budget. He's responsive and creative problem solver; I view him as an integral member of my team.”  - Mark Kimmel More …
  • “Jim is genuinely interested in not just accomodating new ideas for website functionality, but in bulletproofing and then building on them. Unflappable, professional, consistently focused on quality.” - Mike Moran More …